8 Ways to Look Fabulous for Less

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When I'm in a style rut, the first thing I want to do is buy new clothes. But money is tight, so that's just not an option.

CafeMom Karbear asked for ideas in the Fashion, Style, & Beauty Group on how a woman on a budget can still be fashionable.

I've got some ideas....

  1. Shop your own closet. Revisit everything you've got -- every last item -- and you might be surprised to find some really cute things you forgot you had.
  2. Host a clothing swap party and offer up the clothes you no longer want to friends. There's a good chance they'll have some great items to swap! 
  3. Shop at thrift stores.
  4. ChristyRenee suggests adding inexpensive jewelry. Even an old tank top and jeans looks new and fresh with cute accessories.
  5. She also shares that if you sign up for the newsletters at your favorite online shops, they'll send coupons and secret sale information. You can also call the store's 800 number before you checkout and ask for a coupon code.
  6. Check out these sites for more coupon codes.
  7. Forget new clothes, play around with your hair and makeup says beautyqueen616. I get in hair ruts, too, so this is a great reminder to have a different "look" while in the same clothes.
  8. anna_bee loves shopping outlet malls for better prices. A lot of times, these outlets have current season items for much less than department stores.

Share your tips on how to be a recessionista!

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