Green Tea Makes a Great Skin Toner

Green tea toner faceIt's time to replace some of my face products and I'm kind of sick of paying big money for my favorite brands. But my skin is not happy with change -- not even when I give it time to adjust. The massive pimples on my jawline and forehead are proof. Cafe Kristen decoded the reason for the jawline's hormonal. I need help.

But instead of dishing out cash on product, we can make it right at home. Green tea is great as a toner. Plus you can add in mint and/or lemons for more treatment.


Green tea has vitamins C and E, and it's an anti-irritant. My husband loves green tea. I think he drinks like five cups a day. He doesn't get any zits! Grrr! Anyway, I have a lot of it in the house and CafeMom telecine posted a great green tea toner recipe in her Journal. She's feeling the same way I do -- pricey skin care doesn't fit in the family budget. She uses a green tea with mint in it and says it gently tightens her pores without her skin feeling stiff or overly taut. She makes a brew and keeps it in a bottle in the fridge.

Here's what you can do:

  • Brew a cup of green tea. Organic may be best for sensitive skin.
  • You can add some fresh mint if you have pimples -- it's a natural antiseptic.
  • Add a squirt of lemon to help remove dead skin.
  • Keep in fridge and spritz on from spray bottle or use cotton ball to tone face after washing.

Have you ever used green tea as a toner? Share your result.

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