How To Be a Recessionista

Photo by Peajewel

Fall fashion is tempting you, but your family's hard earned cash isn't going to be spent on making you the stylista you want to be. But wait! There are ways around the cash crunch we are all feeling right now. One Chic Mama talked to fashion consultant Diana Pemberton-Sikes and together they offer up some great tips on how to look cute without breaking the bank...or having to rob one!


  • Spend the most cash on what you are going to get the most use out of. So that cocktail dress for $200 that you will wear once to your friend's wedding...yeah, nope. You're better off getting a great timeless winter coat that will last for the next four seasons. Think solid black or tan, wool knee-length coat that will match with everything.
  • Trend shop on the cheap. Stop thinking about those super funky boho boots you are drooling over that cost more than your last paycheck...go with cute in-the-now items from inexpensive stores. H&M, Forever 21, Kohl's, Alloy, Lane Bryant, DSW are just a few of the names where you can get current styles of clothes, accessories, and shoes at a discount price.  
  • Build on your signature style. Love to wear just jeans and a tee? Stick with what makes you feel best, but you can add little extras to be trendy. Add a belt at your natural waist to update the look of that loose-fitting top. Tuck your jeans into boots instead of over them. Or wear a long necklace to jazz it up.
  • Shop your friend's closet. I love hand-me-downs...for both kids and adults. You can organize a clothes swap night with your friends. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure.

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