Fabric Necklaces: Soft for Spring

fabric necklace

Photo by Dinosaur Toes

fabric necklace

Photo by pennychuchu

Soft and delicate, even in dark colors, these necklaces all feature fabric and textiles and I can't think of anything sweeter for spring. With a necklace like one of these, you don't even have to go shopping for new clothes for the season. It's bold enough to update your look, yet still feels subtle and pretty.


I would wear the lace Romantic Textile No. 2 ($17) from Dinosaur Toes on Etsy with almost anything. How pretty it would look with jeans and a simple tee or even a black strapless dress. The same goes for the over-sized Art Deco Gold Lace Necklace ($33) from pennychuchu on Etsy. You can make any look super fancy.

fabric necklace

Photo from LuminousMom

fabric necklace

Photo by LuminousMom

CafeMom LuminousMom has ventured into working with felt and these charming necklaces make me so happy. The Hand Crafted and Tufted Felt Flower Necklace comes in black with five flowers for $15 or in red with three flowers for $10. She says she'll also make a custom one just for you. I love the black, no the red, no the black -- I love them both I can't decide which is my favorite.

Don't you just love fabric necklaces? Which one is your favorite?

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