I Got a Celebrity Makeover & You Can Too!

hollywood makeover

Photo from InStyle

Who wants a Hollywood virutal makeover? This is me to the left, and then me with Jada Pinkett Smith hair on a mock cover of InStyle magazine. How great is this? You can see what you look like with bangs, shorter hair, longer hair, darker hair, lighter hair -- there are many celebrity hairstyles to try on!

Here's me with some blonde and red hair....


From left to right: Me with Cameron Diaz hair, with Michelle Pfeiffer hair, and with Jessica Alba hair. And even though I love how it looks, I look terrible with Jennifer Aniston hair. I'm not saying I look good here either, but these are at least presentable. I can't show you me with the Aniston. Yuck!

OK I have to stop now. It's so addicting!

Which one do you think looks best on me?

And here's what I want you to do -- go to the InStyle's Hollywood Hair Makeover and do one of yourself. Then post the image in your photos on CafeMom. Come back here and give me a link to your photo so we can discuss.

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