Jennifer Aniston & Alicia Keys: Beauties at the Oscars

Jennifer Aniston

Photo by Francis Specker/Landov

courtesy of InStyle

Alicia Keys

Photo by Stewart Cook/Rex USA

courtesy of InStyle

We're all buzzing about Jennifer Aniston presenting at the Oscar's right in front of Brangelina, but let's talk about her hair! My favorite looks from Jen are when she is beachy cool with laid back flowing locks, and the look she rocked on Sunday night was perfect. That braid! If I didn't have bangs, I would wear my hair just like she did.

And I cannot forget to mention Alicia Keys, who I thought looked incredible! The purple dress! The gorgeous makeup! Those waves in her hair!

InStyle magazine has more details on the ladies with the best Oscar hair. Angelina Jolie and Freida Pinto also made the list. See who else had oh-so desirable tresses on the red carpet.

Who do you think looked the best at the Oscars?


Who looked best at the Oscars?

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Kim370 Kim370

I thought Jennifer looked much better than Angelina!  Kate Winslet was beautiful too.


I loved Anne Hathaway's dress. I thought the color of Frieda Pinto's dress was to die for! It was so bright. I never wear blue, but I'd definitely try that one on!

Pinkyj24 Pinkyj24

I loved Penelope Cruz's vintage dress! i would die for a dress like that!!

frank... frankiebacon

Kate looked great and alicia should of worn a better wig. That thing is a mess but her dress was nice. And dang angelina always looks nice..

FAskew FAskew

Jen looked nice. I loved Sarah Jessica Parkers dress...Sooo Cinderella...

angel... angel_caramel

I love Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie. ;)

Cal311 Cal311

I don't watch oscars, but Jen always looks and acts like a real lady.

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

Jen's hair was awful. That braid--not very sophisticated!

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