Beauty Myths: I've Got the Truth

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Does waxing make your hair grow back faster? Will your eyelashes fall out if you don't take off your mascara? Does drinking lots of water help with pimples? I need to know these answers!

StyleList has the truth on these beauty myths and more.


The answers are no, yes, and no.

Waxing won't make hair grow back faster, but it may appear darker on your face when it grows back in if you are a first-time waxer. This is only because the sun may have lightened the hair that is already there, and the new growth will automatically be darker.

Mascara can clog your eyelash follicle, which can lead to lashes to break or fall out. StyleList also reminds us never to rub when removing mascara -- a gentle hand will save your lashes.

Drinking water will improve your skin's hydration, but acne is genetic or due to the environment. If oil gets trapped under your skin, pimples will form no matter how much H2O you drink.

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