Oscar-Winning Beauty Secrets

Joan Rivers

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty

Joan admits she's had cosmetic surgery.

Wonder how the stars get ready for the Oscars? Hollywood's hottest may say they drink a lot of water, do a little yoga, or just run around with their kids a lot  to look as good as they do, but we know better. And Dr. Anthony Youn thinks it's a bunch of malarkey, too.

Some celebrities prepare for a big awards show months in advance, but they also indulge in some quick fixes from cosmetic surgeons. Here are the top procedures....


Two Months Before: The Pinky Toe Tuck

Can't wear a pair of Louboutins with funky feet, I guess. Wow...this one seems crazy, but foot surgery is becoming more common. It might be from all the super high heels many of us wear (I'm guilty.) But some are getting procedures like the ones Dr. Oliver Zong specializes in to make fat toes skinny, long toes shortened, or wide feet narrowed.

Two Weeks Before: Chiseled Cheek Bones

Dr. Youn sees a lot of patients who want more structured cheek bones and jaw lines. He says, "Stars often use facial fillers like Radiesse and Sculptra to plump their cheeks before a big event. Another great option is Botox for the jaw line. It can be injected into larger jaw muscles to create a more contoured look."

One Week Before: Botox for Pore-less, Perfect Skin

Botox, which is most commonly associated with reducing wrinkles in the face, is now being used by New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Kamran Jafri to treat other skin conditions such as large pores, oily skin, and inflammation from acne. An injection helps the pores shrink, giving a smoother look to skin.


The Night Before: Cortisone Shots to Reduce Pimples

Stress makes me break out and celebs aren't exempt. Lots of them get breakouts just like the rest of us. Only not all of us get cortisone shots to help. According to Dr. Youn, "A cortisone injection into the blemish can help flatten the pimple and make it easier to cover with makeup."

Have you ever had a cosmetic procedure? Would you ever?

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