Springtime Jewelry Puts Me In the Mood...

flower rings

Photo from Shop the Look

These rings make me want to have a garden so I can plant bluebird roses and pink peonies, and really take time to stop and smell the flowers.

Rose Garden Stackable Rings ($16 each) from Shop the Look

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gold leaf bangle

Photo from Portia Jewelry

This bracelet makes me want to go for a hike in the mountains and admire all the pretty trees with new leaves....

Gold Leaf Hinged Bangle ($21) from Portia Jewelry

bird necklace etsy cafemom

Photo from RavishingJane

And this necklace makes me want to have a picnic in a pretty garden or the woods near a stream and eat little sandwiches cut in four and listen to the birds chirp.

Black Perch Necklace ($21.99) from CafeMom RavishingJane

Spring's coming...is your wardrobe ready?

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