Jewelry with Herbal Magic: I Heart METALSgirl

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Photo from METALSgirl

Do you believe in magic? I do. Cafe Melisa and I were talking one day and I confessed that a long time ago, I used to be really into magic potions. I once even "cast a spell" on my then-boyfriend because he was moving to another state to go to college. Did it work? a way, yes. But I was just a teenager and we both moved on eventually.

Cut to now and to a jewelry designer Melisa told me about who incorporates herbs into her necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. Herbs with, if you believe, magical powers. It worked for Melisa! Ooh...I'm interested!


Metalsgirl resin herbs jewelryMetalsgirl resin herb jewelry

METALSgirl is a super creative woman named Laura, who lives outside of Austin, and makes all kinds of jewelry. My favorites is the "resin and herbs" collection, which is wearable art that contains herbs that may just provide health and well being to the magic, if you believe.

There are herbs for all kinds of things -- you can get basil for love and wealth; dill for money, luck, and lust; cinnamon for success and healing; juniper berry for health and beauty; and poppy seed for fertility and dreams. There are even more herbs to choose from and you can put together a few in a custom order as well. I am wearing the necklace seen above right and I love it -- even the ball chain is pretty and delicate. I'm hoping the magical powers will work, too. Prices for METALSgirl jewelry start at $10.

If you could have one of the magical powers, which one would you want?

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