EZ Combs: Totally Worth It

EZ Combs

Photo from EZ Combs

I love the part in the EZ Combs infomercial where the woman has her hair up and bangs the plastic claw clip in back of her head on the car seat. Ouch!

I've done it tons of times, which is why I perk up whenever I see these stretchable double combs that do the same job as those clips. 

Guess what? I got my EZ Combs!


And I love them! They live up to their name -- they are so easy to use, I even did it without looking in the mirror. Last night, my sister and I spent time trying different looks in our hair. Our favorite was the "fountain" style. She loved the way it looked so much, she stole my caramel bronze EZ Comb! She promised to give it back this weekend. We both have thick hair and it held our hair very well. It's also great for thin hair -- you can twist the comb for a better hold.

For $10, plus $6.99 for shipping and handling, you get three EZ Combs (in dazzling silver, caramel bronze, and Bermuda black) plus a style guide to show you the many looks you can create.

Are you interested in buying EZ Combs?

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