Are You Dressing Up for Halloween?

Photo by Jambalover

So your little one is going to be Thomas the Tank Engine (again), but you don't have a clue what you want to be...or maybe you don't want to dress up at all. I was talking to Jambalover about this fantastic photo of her and her daughter from Halloween last year. Super fashionable and super fun! She said they dressed up and walked around the mall where they were giving treats to the kids. She even tried to get her DH to be Mickey! 

It's a fun tradition to start. Jambalover said that the previous year, the two were both ladybugs.

There are lots of groups dedicated to the love of Halloween...some with thousands of members!


I love Halloween, Halloween is Coming, and Moms who Love Halloween are just some of the ones you can join to get ideas.

This year, I'm going to be the Corpse Bride, but I have a party to go to...without any kids. I love being able to get dressed up, wear clothes that may not be practical for the every day, and feel like a kid again.

What will you be this Halloween?

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