How Can I Get Curly Hair?

how to make hair curly

Photo from Victoria's Secret

I have wavy hair. It's thick and takes well to a curling iron, but on the days I just wash and go, it's straight-ish and boring. I wish it had more bounce -- you know like Marisa Miller's hair or any of the ladies in the Victoria's Secret catalog. I swear I look through it for hairstyle ideas. All of my "curl envy" got me thinking about a perm. Does anyone get perms or body waves anymore? Will it totally change my hair for the worse?

CafeMom TanyaParker wants curly hair, too. In the All About Hair And Makeup Group, she asked how to get curly hair. She has fine, straight hair and does not want a perm. But the curling iron doesn't hold well.

jenniamigo suggests that you "dirty" up the hair first by using hairspray and then brushing it out. Spray in texturizers work well, too. This works great for me, but I don't always have time for all of that.

Have any other suggestions for Tanya? And what about those of us contemplating a perm or body wave?

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Harri... Harrisonsmommie

I am a hairstylist, and i have to say, I'm sorry, but the beautiful waves and curls in mags and on runways is not just gel and go. It is curling ironed or more likely, curled freehand with a flat iron. As the op said, if you have straight, fine hair, dirty it up first with some hairspray or spray texturizer, let dry, then curl. I would definitely suggest anyone to learn how to curl with a flat iron, you can get those gorgeous big waves like the celebs have, and no, you can NOT get them from a perm. A perm will give you a pretty wash and go look, anywhere from tight spirals to loose waves, but they are damaging and they will not look like Jessica Simpson waves straight out of the shower.

JustM... JustMelissa1982

speaking from someone who has curly hair... its so much hassle.. its aweful!!

Josie395 Josie395

I have natural curly hair.  It is easier to fix, just wet scrunch and go but I used to straighten my hair before I became pregnant.  I don't have the time anymore.  I wouldn't get a perm but try to use a flat iron and curl your hair, I used to do this when my hair was straight and it looks cute.  P.S. I would love to have straight or wavy hair instead of these curls everywhere that have a life of their own.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Okay, here's my stupidity... CURL with a FLAT iron?  I'm so confused.

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

You always want what you can't have, right? I love curls! Josie395...let's switch!

tikig... tikigoddess

I had stick straight hair until I had kids, then I had a little wave in my hair and then after the birth of my last daughter, the waves really came out.  ...that along with gray! 

Melan... MelaniesMama

I have naturally curly hair.  I'm not so fond of it! lol
but I've heard if you shave your head your hair will come in opposite of what it was before. (i.e. start with curly, shave your head, comes back straight)  I have no idea if thats true! lol

heyii... heyiitsang84

First of all you can have my hair then. LOL!!! I have curly hair, I can't stand it. I've had it chemically strightened 2 times!!! But all I have is thick, curly hair. And yes people still do perms. If ur hair is thick it'll probably will hold the curl. Good Luck!!!!

sunylori sunylori

I want to know too. I also want to know how to curl hair with a flat iron. I mean, I can flip it, but not make waves or curls. I use hot rollers every other day myself.

Harri... Harrisonsmommie

It is a little complicated to explain over the internet, wothout a way to show you in person. It would be best to go to your hairstylist and have him/her show you. But the basics are: section hair starting at bottom; make sure you have a small, CERAMIC flat iron, not metal. It doesn't have to be an expensive salon brand one, but it does need to be smooth ceramic, or it won't move as easy and causes creases; the larger the section of hair the larger the wave/curl; then grab a vertical section of hair and starting at the base(root) wrap around the section and slide down curling in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction; when you get to the front, do larger waves and start a little lower to aviod looking like Orphan Annie; and never curl your bangs. It's really hard to explain without showing, but I have clients that come to me just to get their hair curled like that

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