How Can I Get Curly Hair?

how to make hair curly

Photo from Victoria's Secret

I have wavy hair. It's thick and takes well to a curling iron, but on the days I just wash and go, it's straight-ish and boring. I wish it had more bounce -- you know like Marisa Miller's hair or any of the ladies in the Victoria's Secret catalog. I swear I look through it for hairstyle ideas. All of my "curl envy" got me thinking about a perm. Does anyone get perms or body waves anymore? Will it totally change my hair for the worse?


CafeMom TanyaParker wants curly hair, too. In the All About Hair And Makeup Group, she asked how to get curly hair. She has fine, straight hair and does not want a perm. But the curling iron doesn't hold well.

jenniamigo suggests that you "dirty" up the hair first by using hairspray and then brushing it out. Spray in texturizers work well, too. This works great for me, but I don't always have time for all of that.

Have any other suggestions for Tanya? And what about those of us contemplating a perm or body wave?

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