Be a Part of the Beauty & Style Buzz

Photo by akme10607

Hello ladies! Thanks so much for all your feedback in Daily Buzz. We're growing and want to make it bigger and better for you! Keep all those comments coming!

Tell me what you want me to cover here on the Beauty & Style Buzz. If you have a question, just ask. You can think of me as your personal shopper and the guinea pig to try out products. We can test drive stuff together and share the info. 

Fill me in on any groups you think I should be checking out, too, and best of all...


...add your pictures and tag them dailybuzz so you can be featured on our blogs! I want to feature moms with great style every week! Check out akme10607 in this photo. I love her dark rimmed glasses. Her hair is super shiny, too. I wonder what conditioner she uses to get it to look so great. I think we can all take some fashion tips from her DD, too. Adorable!

So get tagging those photos and give me the scoop!

Happy weekend!

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