Confessions of a Shoe Junkie

shoe collection

Photo from mommy2be112008

Shoes. Sigh. Love them. Heels, boots, fancy, casual -- I've got quite the collection. I think I have over 30 pairs. I even have some I will probably will never wear again because I don't know what I was thinking when I bought them, but they are too cute to throw away.

I wish I had the bright yellow pair seen here in CafeMom mommy2be112008's collection.

See! I'm such a shoe junkie!


Thank goodness I'm not alone. Women in the All About Hair And Makeup Group were talking about their shoe collection (or obsessions) and I'll admit it's not just mommy2be112008's yellow shoes that I love -- check out those zebra print heels! She also shared that this photo doesn't show all her footwear -- she has four pairs of sneakers, four pairs of sandals, three pairs of flip flops, and three pairs of boots not pictured here. 

Are you a shoe junkie, too? How many pairs of shoes do you own? Tell me about your favorite pair.


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