Cosmetyn: The Stretch Mark Cure?


Photo from Cosmetyn

I'm skeptical about products that promise big things, especially when they say they can get rid of stretch marks. When I asked readers if stretch marks would ever vanish, most of you said no.

Some thought products like Bio-Oil help, but nothing except maybe laser surgery could really get rid of them.

Well, Cosmetyn says they can or your money back.


Cosmetyn is an intense stretch mark therapy that promises to have the perfect combination of peptides, natural extracts, vitamins, and Dermaplex-12 Complex that will fade, repair, and prevent new stretch marks from forming. They say they will make laser surgery obsolete and they promise results on anyone who tries it.

What they say the cream does is help restore collagen and elastin to help greatly reduce stretch marks, wrinkles, and age spots. Depending on your skin, most people see results within one week with full results seen in less than two months. 

The Cosmetyn site offers a one month free supply, you just pay for shipping and handling ($6.95). After that, it's $89.95 for a month supply.

Has anyone tried Cosmetyn yet? If so, what are your results?

Would you try Cosmetyn?

I'm so curious!

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