DIY Style: Sew on Hearts & Flowers with Buttons

design with buttons DIY craftCafe Sheri wrote about what's in her button box over at Home & Garden Buzz and she got me thinking about all the buttons I have in various little drawers around my house. I'm not very organized in the button department. I save all those extra buttons that come with clothing, so I've amassed quite a collection. And recently, while looking at Anthropologie's website, I saw a necklace made of buttons. Which got me thinking about using buttons for design, not function. Button designs on clothes -- how cute.

I could do that, I thought. So I did.


DIY sew buttonsDIY sew buttons

I positioned the buttons in the shape of a heart. Or you can fashion them into a flower. You can even just sew them on in any way to add a little something extra to your clothes. 

Super cute -- now my sweater has new pizazz!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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