Wedding Rings: Does Size Really Matter?

wedding ring engagement

Photo from Doyle & Doyle

wedding ring engagement

Photo from Doyle & Doyle

My bestie Melody, who so often has allowed me to use her photos and stories here (she was the "ugly sweater party" model), is getting married in July. So exciting! We had a girls day out last weekend and she was telling me about the wedding rings she's been eyeing. Her engagement ring is stunning! It's an European cut diamond ring from the 1920s and her soon-to-be hubby bought it at Doyle & Doyle in NYC. They have gorgeous jewelry -- I love the diamond and moonstone heart rings featured above.

In her travels, Melody heard from some chic jewelers that there is a new trend in wedding rings -- lots of ladies are going with stackable rings, sometimes even five small bands, maybe one or two with a stone, instead of the traditional.


wedding ringI love this idea! But I think I just love all wedding ring ideas -- big, small, diamonds, no diamonds, red gems, green gems, gold, silver, small, big -- they are all beautiful because it's about the meaning behind it. Here's a photo of my ring (at right). It looks a lot like my Grandma's ring that I loved so much. Mr. Cafe MicheleZ did so good. I'd love another band like this for Valentine's Day...hint hint. Or how nice would that moonstone ring be? Oh to dream!

I know CafeMoms love to talk about and show off their rings, too. I've gotten "lost" reading posts about this. Here are just a few that have great photos:

Tell me about your ring. And tell the you think size matters?

In my opinion, I think the woman should get whatever she wants -- it's all about love.

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