Mineral Makeup & Fantasy Valentine's Day Looks

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I love makeup -- no big secret there. And every once in a while, I like to really glam it up. It's usually on New Year's Eve or if I'm going to some fancy party. But after seeing CafeMom Laurieanne42's fantasy makeup looks, I'm thinking I'm going to really doll it up for Valentine's Day.

I met Laurieanne42 in the All About Hair And Makeup group. I saw the checkered eye look featured here and had to find out how she did that so I can share with you. Turns out that she not only has a steady hand to create this look, but she makes cosmetics using 100 percent pure minerals!


Laurie developed MineralFace FX Cosmetics because she's a mom of four and knows what it's like to have to put your needs aside for the kids. So she created a budget- and eco-friendly line of mineral makeup, which includes foundations, blushes, liners, shadows, concealers, and correctors. Plus all colors can be customized just for you.

Cafe MicheleZ: What is the one makeup item you think no mama should be without?

L: In my opinion, it's foundation. It lays the groundwork for a nice clean palette! It hides the redness, evens out the skin tone, and gives a nice dewy look to the complexion.


Photo by Laurieann42

CM: How did you achieve the Valentine's Eye and Checkered Eye?

L: The Valentine look was created using the MineralFace FX colors Amore (on the lid), Fantasy (in the crease), and Icy underneath the brow. Just remember to blend blend blend!! Line the lid with a nice mineral liner and some mascara, and you've got a beautiful look for Valentine's Day!

The Checkered Eye is a little more complicated. First, you'll want to outline the eye with either a pencil or mineral liner (we used mineral liner). Make horizontal and vertical lines where you want to place your colors. Fill with the following shadows being careful not to smudge the outline: Charcoal Briquette, Wild Cherry, Electric Blue, Lightning, Electric Green, UV Pink, and Plumeria.

Get creative with this look and try using your own colors! It's unique that's for sure.

The momtrepreneur!

Laurie says, "I know that everyone always says you 'get what you pay for,' but in this case, I'd like to think we are the exception to the rule. You get more than what you pay for."

MineralFace Fx Cosmetics start at $5.95. Laurie welcomes all questions. You can contact her here or head over to her site for more information.

Thanks Laurie!

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