What Concealer Works Best?

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Photo from AmazingCosmetics

I was reading People magazine, you know, getting my celebrity dish on, and there was an interview with Drew Barrymore who I kind of love but not enough to see that movie she's in. She shared that she's remained friends with some of her exes and Christian Bale is her celebrity crush -- that's two things we have in common. But she said that the one makeup item she cannot live without is AmazingConcealer. "I live, die, and breathe by it," she said. Wow! I've never heard of it!


I love Benefit's Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation Faker as concealer. It goes on light, but covers well.

When lilmissJ asked CafeMoms what concealer covers dark under-eye circles best, mythreegirls126 recommended Arbonne. She said it not only has natural lightening agents in their concealers, but also contains antihistamines to reduce puffiness.

MzBusinessWoman suggests Mary Kay's Signature Concealer -- it's great for dark circles.

And now you know Drew Barrymore loves AmazingConcealer. It's pricey -- $42 for standard size tube; $28 for the smaller one -- but only a pin-size amount is needed and apparently lots of celebrities and makeup artist swear by it.

Have you ever tried AmazingConcealer? If yes, what do you think of it?

What concealer do you like the best?

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