What Are Other Great Uses for Hair Ties?

Photo by JayGirlsMom

Multi-tasking...you couldn't get anything done without this skill, right? It turns out that a lot of beauty products out there are multi-taskers, too. Case in point: the hair tie. Sure it looks slick when you make a low ponytail off to one side, and cute if you go high and wear a headband, too. Your daughter looks adorable in pigtails, but what other great ways have you put the old ponytail holder to use?


I asked CafeMoms and got some great responses. Here is the rundown:

  • You can use it to continue to wear your jeans when you are pregnant. Loop it through the hole to and attach to button for a more accommodating size. Shout out to Krystal.Ingalls for that. 
  • caitxrawk's has bought decorative ones to use as napkin rings and to hold up pants after the elastic has worn out.
  • Have a little one who likes to open cupboards? CarolynBarnett suggested using them to keep those cabinets closed from prying hands.
  • You can also use it to hold your towel together after the shower, to group mail, and hold together art supplies, bbennington1 shared. 
  • FlyMom07 joked that she uses them to get someone's attention. "Just stretch and fling (try not to aim for the eyes)."
  • crissym45 added that she uses them to close bags of chips and that her daughter uses them as bracelets.

I thought of a few more:

  • To cinch back the tops you wore while pregnant to make them look cute post-baby.
  • Use as a bracelet and snap when you need a time out.
  • To get the plastic wrap to stay on an open can of beans (or any can).
  • Loop through your bra straps (if removable) to make a regular bra into a racerback.
  • To tie-dye your clothes. JayGirlsMom made that cute outfit for her DD!

What do you think of these suggestions? Please share your ideas!

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