What's Your Nighttime Routine?

what is your nighttime routineAround 10pm I go to the bathroom to begin my nighttime routine. It's pretty much the same every night. Most nights, during this ritual, my husband calls out my name wondering what I am doing in there for so long. My reply is often the same: "Getting ready for bed."

He wonders why it takes so long. I am one of those people that won't go to bed before finishing my ritual and...it's kind of nice to have the bathroom all to myself.


CafeMom Typi brought this up in the All About Hair And Makeup group. She asked, What's your nighttime routine?

It was neat to see the responses and CafeMoms' preferred products.

As for me...

I turn on the water since it takes a while to get hot, then I tie my hair up, and floss and brush my teeth. Yes, I like the water warm when I brush. My hubs thinks it's weird. Next I remove my eye makeup with Dove soap and water, then use my B. Kamins face wash. I dry my face with unscented tissues thanks to a suggestion by my esthetician (towels harbor dirt and I have sensitive skin). Then use toner, and then spot treat any blemishes with a gel -- both by B. Kamins. I wash my hands to remove any of that gel, then use Clinique's All About Eyes. I dab on some Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, put some Bath & Body Work's Sleep Body Lotion on my hands and arms, and finally I'm ready for bed.

Occasionally I'll pluck some wayward hairs with my tweezer and sometimes I perform surgery on my face. A terribly bad habit I have when I see a pimple.

Your turn. What's your nighttime routine?

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