Chocolate Scented Beauty Buys

chocolate body lotion

Photo from Philosophy

Chocolate...yummm! Just thinking of the word makes me crave it. My favorite kind? Dark chocolate. Or any chocolate with peanut butter. Well, OK...any kind at all really.

Would you bathe in it? Slather it's cocoa-y goodness all over your skin?

I would.

Here's a great selection of chocolate scented beauty items to make you sweeter than you already are!


Just Because Chocolate Scented Shower Gel Trio ($30) from Philosophy -- 3-in-1shower gel, shampoo, and bubble bath in white, milk, and dark chocolate.

mint chocolate chip lip gloss

Photo from Ulta

Jacqua Mint Chocolate Chip Lip Gloss Ring ($8) from Ulta -- perfect for those of you who love Girl Scout Thin Mints (oh my gosh, when is it Girl Scout cookie time?!).

Chocoholics Chocolate Passion Body Powder ($9.45) from -- a body powder dusted on with a feather wand...where is that "Do Not Disturb" sign?

Chocolate Cupcake beauty collection ($8 - $22) from Dylan's Candy Bar -- I've been to the actual candy bar in NYC and it's dangerously delicious. The beauty line, which features body lotion, cream, sugar scrub, shower gel, and lip gloss, is equally decadent, but without the calories!

chocolate body powder

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chocolate body lotion lip gloss

Photo from Dylan's Candy Bar


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