No Time To Wash Your Hair? Use Hair Powder

hair powder

Photo by Lulu Organics

There are some mornings I wake up and I know if I spend time on my hair -- washing, conditioning, drying, styling -- I'm just not going to get where I need to be on time. Sometimes the shower isn't available when I need it either. So my hair goes unwashed. My problem? I have super oily hair.

Now I know those natural oils are good for my locks, but they don't look good, so I've tried various hair powders to help absorb the oil and reduce the amount of time I'll take to look presentable.


I've tried baby powder, but I have dark hair and no matter how much I pat or try to ruffle through, there is still a white residue.

And I've also tried the brand that has spray powders for different hair colors, but I can't stand that it makes the tips of my fingers and black (it doesn't wash off easily).

So when I saw that Lucky magazine was recommending Lulu Organics Hair Powder ($40, on sale through Lucky Breaks for $30 for a limited time), I had to try it. I know, I's kind of pricey, but there's a lot of powder in a 4.5 ounce bottle and they said "a little goes a long way."

The trick is all about how you use it. Don't sprinkle powder directly onto crown. I did this and learned the hard way. Here's how to use:

  • Shake a little into hand, then dip fingers of your other hand into the dusting.
  • Ruffle through the roots of your hair.
  • Start with a little bit, then add more as you need.

After I did this, I turned my head upside down, sifted a little more powder in my hands, the dusted it through the back of my hair. Lulu Organics Hair Powder comes in four scents, so not only does it help with the oil, but it smells great, too.

I bought Patchouli & Amber (it's a light pretty scent), but it also comes in Jasmine,Tuberose, and Lavender & Clary Sage.

What do you think of hair powder? Do you have a favorite?


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