Permanent Makeup: Would You Ever?

permanent makeupI am a liquid eyeliner girl and every day I paint my eyes -- I like the way it looks. I know I could get it permanently tattooed on, but that scares me. And I even have tattoos! I remember once at a family function, my aunt came up to me and said, "I have tattoos, too." She then closed her eyes, reopened them, and pointed to her brows and eyes -- yep, she has permanent makeup. You can also get it for your lips, too.


I looked good on her, and she loves it, so I say good for her! But it's not for everyone.

CafeMoms are buzzing about this one.

pupmom asked the community if anyone had experience with permanent eyeliner.

PrttyMstng is a permanent makeup artist and pro. She recommends that you ask to see photos of the practitioner's work and to get referrals from their clients before you book an appointment. On doing permanent makeup, she says that she prefers to start out conservatively. "I bring my clients back three weeks later to examine the makeup. If any corrections need to be made, I do it at that time as part of the service and it's at no charge to the client. Usually, if I have any corrections it's adding more eyeliner."

In the All About Hair And Makeup Group, Faith123 asks readers about their experiences with permanent makeup.

lulu85 said that she got her eyebrows done along with her mom and grandmother, but no one liked the results because it faded too fast, but said that the person who did them didn't have a lot of experience.

cmuessig had her eyeliner done and loves the results. She did a lot of research first to find the best technician. She says it's a huge time saver.

Do you have permanent makeup?

If not, would you ever consider getting it done?

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