What's Your Favorite Conditioner?

favorite conditioner

Photo from Pantene

Everyone has different hair needs -- products that work well for me may not work for you. But if we all share some information, we might learn of a product we never tried before and discover that it's a new favorite.

When it comes to conditioner, I have a drugstore favorite and a salon/beauty boutique favorite.


I have long and thick, wavy dark brown hair that tends to get frizzy sometimes and oily at the crown other times. My favorite drugstore conditioner is Pantene Brunette Expressions. And I think everyone in NYC loves it too because no matter where I go to buy it, it is always sold out! I finally found it at a Duane Reade and bought two!

My second favorite drugstore conditioner is John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Light Reflecting Conditoner. I buy it when I can't find the Pantene.

favorite conditioner

Photo from Sephora

My favorite splurge conditioner is Ojon Tawaka Ancient Tribal Rejuvenating Conditioner ($32) from Sephora. I got a sample once and loved it. I also read in a magazine that it was Gisele Bundchen's favorite, too. And she has great hair.

CafeMom PurplePen asked the community what their favorite conditioner was and MommeeSteph said she loves PureOlogy. angieluv swears by Dove.

When rAbella asked for good conditioner recommendations, jluvskija said that Organix is her favorite and it's only about $5. She loves the coconut one. I haven't tried that brand yet...hmm...maybe now I will.

NannyB. uses Paul Mitchell and FootballMom85 had a really good point. She said to buy an inexpensive shampoo and use the money you save to buy a better conditioner formulated just for your hair.

What about you? What is your favorite conditioner?

Tell me about both drugstore and salon brands.


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