Deep Condition Your Hair with Bananas

banana deep conditioner

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Yummy bananas. I love banana bread, banana flavored coffee, banana yogurt, banana Runts, and even just straight up eating a banana for breakfast.

Turns out that my hair wants to eat a banana, too!

I love this DIY beauty recipe because I am the only one who likes bananas in my house and when I buy them, a few always go bad before I have a chance to eat them. Now I can just mash them up and use it as a deep conditioner for my hair. Perfect for cold weather when my hair is drier than ever.

You will need:

  • 1 banana (the more ripe, or over ripe, the better)
  • 1 tablespoon of olive olive
  • plastic wrap

How to prepare:

Wash hair using only shampoo and towel dry. Peel banana and mash in bowl, adding in the olive oil. Continue mashing until well blended. Apply banana mash to hair. For long hair, only apply to the ends. You don't have to rub into scalp. Saturate hair and then pile on top of head and wrap your locks with plastic wrap. If you really want to get all spa-like, dip a towel in hot water, ring out, and wear as a turban over the plastic wrap. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse.

It leaves a light banana scent and your hair will be softer. Keep up this routine weekly, and you can save your hair from split ends and damage just from the nourishment. 

Have you ever tried using bananas as a deep conditioner?



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TheSw... TheSweetestSoul

Awesome. I may try this.However, I'm african american and my hair is not chemically treated and is in its natural state. Will this be effective for me as well?

wilbu... wilbursdaughter

What is this supposed to give back to your hair? Moisture or Protein?

cinva... cinvargas

I'm going to try this! Sounds yummy

AmaliaD AmaliaD

sounds really gross to me, i hate bananas, i will stick with pantine.

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

For coarser hair, I would puree the bananas if you can. Or mash it up very very well so it rinses out more easily.

Bananas help to strengthen and super moisturize your hair -- like a deep conditioner would. It left my hair very shiny and I have thick hair. The potassium in a banana helps to soften, and the vitamins A, B, and C help to prevent split ends.

And I also learned eating one is good for arthritis -- I just learned I have it so I'll be peeling more bananas!

CarlaD CarlaD

I'm going to give it a shot..I am always looking for good deep conditioners that do not cost a ton of money.

Peajewel Peajewel

I will try this.  What does the olive oil do?  I know you can use it to moisturize your body but does it do the same for you hair too?

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

Olive oil acts like those hot oil treatments, helps with shine and moisture. Plus, it's helps when you mash the bananas and gives it better texture to apply to hair.

shilpy shilpy

I like this yummy conditioner.I have 1 question ,whether it helps to stop the falling hair?

nonmember avatar jessica

i will actually try this one day!!can you help me??my hair is very dry,midlenght,curly,and i dont know what to do with it..can you give me some advice??PLEASE i need help

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