My Favorite T-Shirt

favorite t-shirt

Photo from Polyvore

There is nothing like wearing your favorite tee when you're in that "I don't feel like getting dressed today" kind of mood. My most loved t-shirt is American Apparel's Unisex Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck. I have it in Athletic Grey and Blue and I'm sad on the days it's in the dirty laundry. It's the tee I want to put on with sweats on a Sunday and with jeans tucked into boots while wearing a cute chunky necklace on a Friday night. 


I really love V- and U-neck tees. Wearing this style shows off a great part of our bodies and leaves a great canvas to highlight a pretty necklace.

I personally like to buy one size up because I like my tops to be roomy, but they look great slim fit as well.

Some favorites in this style are:

What's your favorite t-shirt?

Do you dress it up or just wear it around the house?

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