Beauty Quiz: What Kind of Beauty are You?

Beyonce Knowles is a daring beauty. Eva Mendes is a classic beauty. Cate Blanchette is a natural beauty. All of these ladies are beautiful. 

What kind of beauty are you?

Take my quiz to find out!


Keep score by tallying the letters next to the answer that best suits you.

1. I never leave the house without...

  • A. a full face of makeup.
  • B. a touch of lip gloss and a squirt of perfume.
  • C. putting on your SPF face lotion.

2. My hair resembles...

  • A. a funky style one day and chic the next. I play with the style a lot.
  • B. movie star hair. It always looks similar, but it's always kept in a nice style. 
  • C. tousled, no-fuss, run-your-hands-through hair.

3. In my closet, you will find...

  • A. a sequined mini dress in purple.
  • B. the perfect black pants that I can dress up or down.
  • C. my favorite cotton sundress.

4. I've dyed my hair...

  • A. purple, pink, red, even green once!
  • B. when I have gray or need a color boost.
  • C. I prefer it natural, or dying it with tea.

5. What do you consider your beauty secret?

  • A. I try lots of products and go with the ones that work.
  • B. A trick my mom passed down to me...and I'll never tell!
  • C. Eating right -- pretty on the inside, pretty on the outside.

6. What's the go-to piece of clothing you put on for a pick-me-up when you aren't feeling pretty.

  • A. High heels.
  • B. A super sexy pair of undies.
  • C. A silk scarf.

If you scored mostly As, you are a daring beauty! Like Beyonce, you aren't afraid to try out new trends and love playing around with different looks for your hair and makeup. Your friends often look to you for style tips and the greatest spots to find a sale. They secretly want to raid your closet!

If you scored mostly Bs, you are a classic beauty! You are like that little black dress, always pretty and polished -- just like Eva Mendes. You like a bit of that old Hollywood glamour and love vintage styles. Sometimes you like to push the envelope with fashion -- sometimes it's with a bold hat, other times it's just some silky stockings.

If you scored mostly Cs, you are a natural beauty! You believe less is more, but you still like dolling it up every now and then. You love neutral colors and sometimes play with bold accents. You prefer a morning of Yoga over a day at the salon. And everyone wants to know what fruits and veggies you put into your DIY beauty potions!

I am a mix between a daring and a classic beauty. What about you?

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