Get Big Happy Hair with Bumpits


My sister and I had teased hair

to create a "bump" at my wedding.

When my friend Melody went home to Oklahoma, she said almost all of the ladies had pin straight hair with a little bouffant style "bump." Perhaps a big trend in OKC?

My sister and I had the stylist tease our hair to create the look for my wedding last year.

Then this weekend I saw the infomercial for Big Happy Hair. Oh my! Another infomerical has caught my eye!

Bumpits are hair volumizing inserts that you clip in to create the "bump" without having to tease the hair -- or try to make it look like only your stylist can.

According to the infomercial, you take a section of your hair where a headband would go, brush upward, then secure the bumpit at the scalp below the part line. Next, lay the hair back down, pulling it gently into the grooves of the teeth for instant lift and volume.

I really want to try it! Bumpits cost $19.99 for a set of four.

What do you think of the Bumpit? Have you tried it?


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bagjmama bagjmama

I want to try them for my daughters wedding in April! 

barme... barmelino

I recently ordered the bumpit and they work nice but there was quite a bit of confusion with my order and the customer service was beyond the worst thing I have ever dealt with. This company absolutely DISGUSTS me! I am in the process of going through consumer affairs about their customer service (or lack of), they are very deceiving. I would definitely keep my eyes open for another product similar to this one because I would never wish dealing with their customer service on my worst enemy. I'm a very nice and calm person who was just calling to clarify their mistake and to be sure that they were fixing it.... needless to say nothing got resolved and the manager/owner was very rude, unprofessional and it was one of the worst experiences I've ever had customer service wise.

Good luck!

jsnzmom jsnzmom

I've never seen this commercial before, but I would totally try them!  I always worry that back-combing and teasing my hair is unhealthy and if this does the trick, then I'd happily spend the money on them.  I'm sure Wal-Mart will carry them soon (and buying them there would save S/H).  I'll be keeping an eye out for them!

twin_... twin_mommy

I had some problems with my bumpits order (they only sent 1 box, and I paid for 2) but after I called, they shipped me my missing box and I recieved in within 5 days.

I have only used the standard sized bumpit, but I really like it.  I wear one almost daily!

bless... blessedmomtx

I bought them for my daughter.  Although the video on the website makes it look extremely easy, it is not!  She's not worn them one time!  Very hard to use!

Sabby... SabbyMommy

I think the whole idea is stupid.... I never buy any hair product from an infomercial, especially since a similar product will be in stores in a few months for 15$ cheaper.... I think the hair style looks stupid anyway... no offence to anyone intended.

StarM... StarMommy77

I'll leave this look in the '60s... LMAO

Norah... NorahSethsMommy

The receptionist at the tattoo shop I got my new tattoo at last night had a really high bump in her hair. I thought it was so cute and wondered if she had anything inside it. I wonder if it was this. When I was teenager girls used to pull back the front, twist it, push it forward and them clip it down to get this look.  I think its really cute...when my hair grows out enough, I'd totally try it.

imble... imblessed1113

I seen the same infomercial. I'd love to try it! but they always make things look so much easier on t.v. There is a store in our mall that has pretty much all of the "as seen on t.v." products I may check there to see if they have them!

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