Get Big Happy Hair with Bumpits

My sister and I had teased hair

to create a "bump" at my wedding.

When my friend Melody went home to Oklahoma, she said almost all of the ladies had pin straight hair with a little bouffant style "bump." Perhaps a big trend in OKC?

My sister and I had the stylist tease our hair to create the look for my wedding last year.

Then this weekend I saw the infomercial for Big Happy Hair. Oh my! Another infomerical has caught my eye!


Bumpits are hair volumizing inserts that you clip in to create the "bump" without having to tease the hair -- or try to make it look like only your stylist can.

According to the infomercial, you take a section of your hair where a headband would go, brush upward, then secure the bumpit at the scalp below the part line. Next, lay the hair back down, pulling it gently into the grooves of the teeth for instant lift and volume.

I really want to try it! Bumpits cost $19.99 for a set of four.

What do you think of the Bumpit? Have you tried it?


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