Get Big Happy Hair with Bumpits


My sister and I had teased hair

to create a "bump" at my wedding.

When my friend Melody went home to Oklahoma, she said almost all of the ladies had pin straight hair with a little bouffant style "bump." Perhaps a big trend in OKC?

My sister and I had the stylist tease our hair to create the look for my wedding last year.

Then this weekend I saw the infomercial for Big Happy Hair. Oh my! Another infomerical has caught my eye!

Bumpits are hair volumizing inserts that you clip in to create the "bump" without having to tease the hair -- or try to make it look like only your stylist can.

According to the infomercial, you take a section of your hair where a headband would go, brush upward, then secure the bumpit at the scalp below the part line. Next, lay the hair back down, pulling it gently into the grooves of the teeth for instant lift and volume.

I really want to try it! Bumpits cost $19.99 for a set of four.

What do you think of the Bumpit? Have you tried it?


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nonmember avatar Rockybaby

I ordered Bumpits and it arrived today. I use it right away going to work and I'm loving it. No more flat hair.

Lumin... LuminousMom

the small bumps in the front are OK... overdone, a bit.. but seriously, some of those looks just remind me of either coneheads, aliens, or tumors growing out of their heads. So not cute.

hipch... hipchick101

I have tried it and they do not work. I searched around for a product like Bumpits that would possibly work and I found Hair Poufs by Bombshell Beauty.  I love the Hair Poufs, I use them daily. They are very easy to use and keep my style in all day long. As we all know, as a mom it is great to not have to worry about our hair coming out or deflating. My favorite all day look is to pouf my bangs and pull the rest of my hair in a ponytail. It is super cute and most importantly EASY. I swear by the hair poufs. Try them and you will fall in love with them just like I did!

nonmember avatar Vanessa

I loved the concept quick "easy" it was so convincing. So there i go buying it.... i got so happy when it finally came so i rushed and opened it. I HATED IT. First of all its not as easy as the commercial. If u haven't noticed they cut off half of where she does her hair. I tried for 2 hours and i didn't get absolutely anywhere except having my arms sore the next day! I have a lot of hair and it showed, you could tell something was in my hair because there was spikey things sticking out of my hair. It wouldn't stay in place even after i sprayed the whole bottle of hair spray and i would turn my head and see that thing go flying. This thing is so overly priced i cant believe i paid 40 something bucks for a little plastic thing laying on my bathroom floor still in the box because i couldn't use it. You would think that you would atleast get more for what u paid for. I don't recommend it for anyone i wouldn't waste my money on this

nonmember avatar Katie

Hi there,
I recently placed an order with bumpits, and discovered that I was over charged on my credit card. I can not find a phone number or even an emil for customer service on their website and was wondering if anyone on here had that information.
Thanks so much

bdalton bdalton

Dont order your bumpits from I ordered mine from there on April 1 and today is May 5th and I still dont have them. They were 19.99 and shipping was 14.99, so far I am not impressed, hopefully I will feel better about it IF I EVER RECEIVE THEM!

nonmember avatar adia_jewett

I am a girl with normal thin hair, so yes I jumped on the opportunity to own this. Sad to say when I place the bumpit in my hair you can see them. They really do grip. I think this product really would work wonders on girls that have thick or coarse hair. ENJOY.

nonmember avatar dangermom

i bought some on the site today, i got charged for two sets and i only ordered one. of course no one will help me on the website or phone. crooks, don't buy them!!!!!!!

sexii... sexiitalianmom

the release date at walgreens is 06/01/2009 $9.99 way better then $15.00-$20.00and having to wait to get it in the mail. happy hair bumping. :)expecting boy

nonmember avatar payday loans

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