Get Big Happy Hair with Bumpits


My sister and I had teased hair

to create a "bump" at my wedding.

When my friend Melody went home to Oklahoma, she said almost all of the ladies had pin straight hair with a little bouffant style "bump." Perhaps a big trend in OKC?

My sister and I had the stylist tease our hair to create the look for my wedding last year.

Then this weekend I saw the infomercial for Big Happy Hair. Oh my! Another infomerical has caught my eye!

Bumpits are hair volumizing inserts that you clip in to create the "bump" without having to tease the hair -- or try to make it look like only your stylist can.

According to the infomercial, you take a section of your hair where a headband would go, brush upward, then secure the bumpit at the scalp below the part line. Next, lay the hair back down, pulling it gently into the grooves of the teeth for instant lift and volume.

I really want to try it! Bumpits cost $19.99 for a set of four.

What do you think of the Bumpit? Have you tried it?


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momof... momof2jmms

Some of the hair styles look like sara palin's hair.

DayDa... DayDaysmom19

Oh, I want one! I bump may hair (a little bit ) every day because I have kind of a flat head. LOL!

I wonder if they really work...

LindyLou LindyLou

I was hypnotized watching this on tv today.  Then I thought...what if it shows through after a while.  "Umm, excuss me Miss, your bumpit is showing".  LOL

LindyLou LindyLou

Excuse LOL

cmommag cmommag

I have my mom's senior pic from 1969 and she had a very similar hairstyle. LOL

joani... joaniedanger

you can get "hair forms" which used to be commonly referred to as "rats"  (think mid to late 1960's)  try sally beauty.  They are CHEAP and you can just pin them in with a bobbie....same effect.  You can also try back brushing your hair rather than teasing it with a comb.....well ok if anyone wants to know how just pm me....I am too lazy to type it all if no one really wants to know

cinva... cinvargas

omg i'm going to buy them!! They look like so much fun!

daisy... daisygirl1021

I have tried the bumpits and absolutely love them!!! They are soooo easy to use and everybody just loves my look when I wear them. I highly recommend them.

TheSw... TheSweetestSoul


When I was growing up, we had bumps in our hair all of the time. However, we didn't need a bumpit cause we had creativity. Some of you will laugh when you read this but it's true. Either the hair was teased or we stuffed our hair with a rolled up sock or a toilet paper cylinder. Same effect. And a lot cheaper.

wilbu... wilbursdaughter

These are not a new concept and can be bought cheaply from any beauty supply. They are more effective when combined with teasing. They don't always need to be used to add "BUMPS". You can use them with formal styles to add the appearance of more hair. I have never used them on my hair, but I imagine they could be difficult when doing your own.

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