So Smurfy! Makeup by Smurfette

So Smurfy makeupSo Smurfy makeup

I had dozens of Smurfs when I was little -- and my sister and I would religiously watch the cartoon after school. We had so many between us that we would write our initial on the bottom of their foot so we knew who belonged to who. I remember having a Smurfette who was holding a mirror -- that was my favorite one.

Too Faced came out with a new makeup line devoted to the beauty of Smurfette...for adults, not kids. No, you won't be blue all over, but you can have a glittery blue shadow on your eyes and a face powder palette with Smurfette's image.


Sold for a limited time at Sephora, Too Faced's So Smurfy line includes:

So Smurfy makeupSo Smurfy makeup

The eye shadow collection is super glittery and the "Emotionally Activated Lip Gloss" is just like that green-tubed mood lipstick I used to wear many moons ago -- only it's a bit more subtle and glossier. The face powder color-corrects and gives skin a glow.

Are you going to go smurfing with So Smurfy makeup?

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