How to Ask for Natural Highlights

how to ask for natural highlightsTrips to the hair salon are sometimes traumatic experiences for me. I remember once, a long time ago, when I thought a new hair style looked so bad I locked myself in the bathroom and cried. That was teenage, mini-diva me. I'm not so insane about it anymore. But a bad haircut or style can really make a girl cranky, right?

It's all about going to the right stylist and carefully explaining what you want. In the All About Hair and Makeup group, CafeMom jandjmama asks about highlights in her light brown hair. She wants to avoid looking like she has stripes on her head. CafeMoms offered up some great advice.


StructuredChaos said to tell the stylish that you want your hair to "whisper or talk, not to shout." Great description! She said the technique is called weaving and to ask for a subtle weave with a natural look.

darlins_babes55 suggested getting a consultation from a stylist before you book the appointment to make sure you feel she understands the look you want. Take photos or clips from magazines if you can find the same color/highlights. Good call. I always take tear outs from the Victoria's Secret catalog -- I love the way their hair is styled. 

beautyqueen616 says highlights done with foil are best unless the hair is very short. She also shared, "Tell the stylist that you want natural looking highlights all throughout -- a full foil. Let them know you want thinly woven ones and tell them straight out that you do not want stripes. Go to a good salon not one just because it has the best price."

What great advice. Have any other advice to add on how to get natural looking highlights? Please share!

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