Project Runway Makes Me Want to Wear My Wedding Dress

From Project Runway

I keep suggesting that my married lady friends and I get together for a wedding dress party. You know, so we can all wear that dress we spent so much money on. In the CafeMom Newcomers Group, tigerlillyt7 suggests we all show photos of our gown from the big day. There are some really great photos on there. And watching Project Runway last night, made me want to wear that dress even more....

Warning: Spoilers after the jump!


OK, so let's dish. Kenley, who has really annoyed me for most of the season, came through big time. You all know how much I loved her feather head pieces, but she wowed with this feather wedding dress. My friend Melody texted me during the show before Michael Kors said it was an Alexander McQueen rip-off, that in fact, it was a copycat. Um, yeah it was! But her bridesmaid dress was adorable, as was what we saw of her collection in her charming Brooklyn apartment (I think she lives near me, so I guess I should be nice). Oh, Kenley. Korto, who I adore, didn't wow me. And neither did Jerell, but I was shocked that it was those two as the bottom two. They were both so strong during the season! I think they over-thought everything. But heavens...I loved that dress. I would wear Leanne's during the ceremony and Kenley's at the reception if I could afford to get married all over again. I wonder what reality TV addict CafeMichelleL over at Entertainment Buzz thinks of this.

And I also want to know what you think of the final three designers! Who is your favorite?

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