Custom Photo Pendant: Show Off Your Cute Kids!

photo pendant

Photo from caligirlcrafts

My sister is guilty of never having a photo of her daughter Tennessee on her when someone asks. She does have some on her phone though. So high tech! But how adorable would it be to have a pendant made with a photo of your little one? And get's made on a Scrabble piece.


Yep, CafeMom Etsy Moms never fail -- caligirlcrafts is a stay-at-home mom with two kids. She made this Personalized Photo Scrabble Tile Pendant for herself and then thought other moms would love it, too. To customize, you email a photo, and she does the rest. It's just $6.50!

You can order a chain through her shop or put it on one of your own. I also think it would be really cool on a key chain.

Check out her Etsy shop, caligirlcrafts, for other great items. 

So cute!

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