Hide That Bra Strap & Keep Your "Girls" in Check

bra strap solution boob tape

Strapless, racer-back, deep plunge, t-shirt bra -- there are so many different types of underthings we need to keep our boobs contained and our looks put together. Sure there are those bras where the straps can be changed around for five different looks. I don't know about you, but I'm always losing a strap since they detach so easily -- it's somewhere in the drawer or maybe it's just with those missing socks! And sometimes there just isn't a bra that works right with your clothing.

Embrace to the rescue!


The Bra Strap Solution ($8.50) can convert any traditional bra to the right adjustment to suit the top you're wearing. It's comfortable, too -- it's a two-inch clear disc with smooth edges and can accommodate straps up to one-inch wide. It works perfect for those basic white tanks I steal from my husband's drawer!

In Place ($8.50 for 24 strips) is double-sided hypoallergenic tape that has been my lifesaver on more than one occasion. I had a deep V-dress that I'd have to craft a new bra to make it work...so I did (sort of). I took some removable padding out of another bra, double-sided taped it in, then double-sided taped it to my skin so I was secure and had the extra padding I needed. This tape is great for hems on pants or skirts, and also great for wrap skirts or shirts -- I know mine always fly open with the slightest breeze.

Don't you just love fashion solutions like these?

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