Will Stretch Marks Ever Vanish?

stretch marks

Photo by RachelP456

Some mamas get stretch marks, and others don't. It's a form of scarring affecting the skin when it's stretched -- and it can happen during growth spurts when you're a kid, from rapid weight gain or loss, and of course during pregnancy.

I've heard a combination of cocoa or Shea butter rubbed on belly, plus drinking lots of water, and eating foods high in vitamin A and C can help prevent them...but what to do when you want to get rid of them?

CafeMom members have a lot of suggestions....


When eleasmommy asked how she can get rid of stretch marksBUTTERFLYLUV115 suggested almond oil. Yennepher said that diet and a lot of exercise helped her not have a lot of stretch marks after having two babies. She does ab exercises every morning and night and uses vitamin E and cocoa butter.

An anonymous CafeMom asked the community if her stretch marks will ever vanish. Answers varied:

  • 3_ring_circus says the only thing she found that helped was "Palmers Vitamin E -- it didn't get rid of them, but did help to soften the skin and it is wonderful for reducing scarring."
  • MomShawn70 didn't get any until she got pregnant with twins. She says that they have faded, but that tanning helps them disappear a little more.
  • brokenmelody has embraced them. "My son calls them 'tiger stripes' and I'm glad to be a fierce strong mama for him." Great answer!

If you're not ready to embrace your "tiger stripes," what are some tips you can share for getting rid of stretch marks?


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