Inexpensive Mineral Makeup

mineral makeup

Photo from Ulta

I love mineral makeup -- and if you have problem skin like I do, it's not supposed to clog pores like other makeup can. 

How do we know if a product is good? Someone has got to try it out! I'll test anything (well, almost anything) for CafeMom and I haven't yet tried N.Y.C.'s Smooth Mineral Starter Kit ($13.99 from Ulta).

But CafeMom beauteousxdoll did!


And she thinks it's just as good as those more expensive mineral makeups out there. Mrs. Lyss, aka beauteousxdoll, writes all about it on her site, aBug Beauty Blog. You can check out her before and after photos using this mineral makeup kit, mascara, concealer, and lip gloss. She looks great!

Do you use mineral makeup? What brand is your favorite?

I use bareMinerals -- and love it!


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