Mommy Has Tattoos!

mommy has tattoosI love that there was an overwhelmingly positive response to bestmommyeber's decision to dye the tips of her hair pink. But how do you all feel about tattoos?

I personally think they are beautiful -- I have a lot of them. Kids love to look and ask about them. That's me and my husband in the photo -- we got matching ones.

But not all responses I've gotten about my tattoos have been positive.


Many years ago while I was still in college and waiting tables, the one on my wrist was slightly visible even though I was wearing a long sleeve shirt. A customer said, "Why did you ruin yourself like that?" I stayed calm and just responded with a smile, "I like it." Then he joked, "You know your kids are going to be born with tattoos." Strange comment, but I just smiled again. I wanted to say more, but I was working to pay for college!

During a diversity event at a former job, one woman even went as far to say that my tattoos were a form of diversity. I studied and worked with students on multi-culturalism in the classroom -- we didn't discuss tattoos.

Tattoos seems to bring out the best and worst in people -- I've seen it firsthand. Strangers feel like they can touch your tattoos, others will judge and think a woman with tattoos is... well, not a lady. But I wear them proudly -- anyone who knows me knows who I am and what I am about. Tattoos are a part of my style.

I know dying your hair pink isn't permanent, and tattoos are, but shouldn't the same rules apply?

CafeMom has some great tattooed mom groups:


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