Make a Wish Necklace: Dare to Dream

make a wish necklace

Photo from Dogeared Jewels & Gifts

When my mom was going through a tough time, a friend of mine and my sister's came over when we were all gathered for some "coffee talk" and she gave my mother this necklace. It brought tears to my mom's eyes. Our friend said she was in a shop buying some baby clothes for my niece, saw this, and knew she had to get it for my mom. The sweetest, right?

Sometimes the simplest things help us to take a step back and realize the good in our lives -- help us to trust, believe, wish, and dream. Today, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, what better time to do just that.


This Make a Wish necklace ($30 from Dogeared) features a gold-dipped wishbone on a silk thread. When the thread breaks, your wish comes true. We all know that a big part of making dreams come true is believing...and perhaps this necklace will help. It sure did for my mom.

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