Should a Mom Have Pink Hair?

Rachel McAdams

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I've dyed my naturally dark brown hair a few colors -- it's been various shades of purple, jet black, cherry red, deep berry, and I also once had big pieces bleached blonde. I used to use Manic Panic -- Deadly Nightshade was my favorite.

I've been sticking with the dark brown lately -- my big goal for hair dye now is to cover my greys. But I do love to see funky colors on hair.

Lots of celebrities have played with color -- ladies from Gwen Stefani to Rachel McAdams (seen here) have added some pink to their locks.

Can a mom who isn't a celebrity have pink hair?


Twenty-three year-old bestmommyeber wanted to know if she was too old for pink hair.
She was thinking of just dying the tips pink, but she was afraid she wasn't going to be taken seriously if she did.

Most CafeMoms thought she should go for it. desert_diva says, "I'm 39 and my hair is a different crazy color combination every month! I get tons of compliments on it from all different types of people. You're only too old if you feel too old!"

Anonymous commented that if she was worried she could just get pink hair clips to pin in -- so it's just pink when she wants it to be.

And when I interviewed crazedmom for a mom style feature, she showed off her cool blue streaks -- a hair paint she puts on during the weekends to mix it up a bit.

bestmommyeber also posted a poll asking if she should do pink streaks in her hair or not and the last time I checked, 73 percent said to go for it! campomommy even offered to go pink with her!

What do you think? Should a mom have pink hair?


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