Inspiring Jewelry: Live, Love, Laugh

jewelry holder

Photo from Catching Fireflies

I'm sad friend's father passed away. I cannot put into words how sorry I feel or how I wish that I can be super woman and turn back time and cure him with some magical powers. I can't do that though, so I am reflecting, looking within. I'm thinking of my aunt who passed away a long time ago but used to have a necklace with the phrase: Live, Love, Laugh on it. It's a necklace, yes, but it's a good message and it reminds us to cherish each day.

Sorry if I sound like a cheesy card, but it's just the way I'm feeling right now.


I've written about my aunt before; she had a great impact on my life. She didn't have kids, but I was the first born to her closest niece -- she loved me like a mom loves her own child. She taught me to live, love, and laugh. 

live love laugh jewelry

Photo from Charm Factory

I found this Live, Love, Laugh Small Jewelry Mirror ($39 from Catching Fireflies) that can hold some adornments, but bears that fantastic phrase. Every time you look into that mirror you could be reminded.

And I want to get this Live, Love, Laugh charm from Charm Factory ($4.52 each, cheaper if you get six or more) for all my lady friends.

Live. Love. Laugh. I hope we can all do more of that more often.

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