Where to Find the Perfect Dress

From Target

I went dress shopping at Bergdorf's with my friend Melody on Saturday. Bergdorf's is super expensive, but we were there to find Mel a wedding dress because she doesn't want something traditional. I peeked in the clothing section and saw lots of "perfect dresses" for everyday there, but most of the price tags were completely out of my range! On Sunday, though, I went to Target....


First, you have to know that I cannot go to Target with my DH unless we have a purpose.

From Avenue

 My purpose: Buying a lamp for my desk. My secret purpose: Checking out the clothes! I bought this dress from Xhilaration for just $19.99. Love it! But I have to give a nod to my friend DeeDeeCee who notes that you cannot go into Tar-jhay (as I like to call it) without spending at least $100. Too true! (You have to read her book, by the way...it's amazing!)

lovingmyfamily5 posed the question Where is a good place to shop for women's dresses? She says she is looking for something trendy for fall. Some of the commenters suggest TJ Maxx and Kohls. Great prices there, too. The Target dress I bought has a floral pattern, which is a very cute and current look. It reminds me of something from the 40s, yet updated.

From Express

I'm also loving this mod, Colorblock Ponte dress from Avenue (on sale for $44.99). Express has this slick Modern Stretch Ruffle Dress ($98) that I just might have to get. It has just the right amount of ruffle without being too frou-frou.

Do you love these looks? What are your suggestions on where to shop for fun fall dresses?

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