Vivienne Westwood Heels: Affordable Splurge

Vivienne Westwood shoeI love Vivenne Westwood -- she is punk rock glamour at its finest -- but some of her items are bigger than mortage payments. But not these. She collaborated with others to bring us Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + melissa Lady Dragon shoe ($149). They look as sweet as candy!


These shoes are four-inches high and have a cushioned sole. There are four colors. The baby blue and pearl pairs feature a red heart and the salmon and yellow pairs feature a black heart. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

"The most amazing thing about this partnership was to be able to create modern products of a very high quality, but at affordable prices," Vivienne says.

These are affordable if you compare to other items made by Vivienne, but still pricey.

But what's super cool about them is that they are made of sustainable rubber, making them waterproof, easy-to-clean, and super comfy -- they mold to your feet after a few wears.

Stocks are super limited right now until the next shipment coming in February or March depending on store, but you can find some at:

Do you love these shoes as much as me?

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