Do You Wear Makeup When You're Sick?

makeup on when you are sick

Photo by ribbons4curls

January seems to be sick season -- everyone I know seems to be ill or is just getting over a cold or flu.

Perhaps we can prevent getting sick by cleaning the secret spots where germs lurk or learn of ways to stay well this winter over at Healthy Living Buzz.

But if you're home and sick, do you put makeup on?


CafeMom tyanneS asked this oh-so interesting question in a Fashion & Beauty poll.

The last time I checked it, here were the results:

  • 43 percent said no.
  • 36 percent said only if I have to go out.
  • 13 percent said they never wear makeup anyway so it didn't apply.
  • 7 percent said yes that's when I need it most. 

woweelou said that after being sick for two weeks she got used to not wearing it and how putting it on seems like such a drag now. But...she thought her attitude would change once she starts feeling better.

I know how she feels. I usually don't except for maybe some lip moisturizer...and if I have to go out I just put on a little lipstick for a perk-me-up!

What about you? If you are home sick, do you put makeup on?

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