15 Adorable Tie-Dye Outfits for Tiny Hipsters To Rock This Summer

15 Adorable Tie-Dye Outfits for Tiny Hipsters To Rock This Summer
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child wearing tie dye shirt at beach

There is a lot that our outfits tell us about people. The colors we wear share a bit about our mood, and wearing bright colors always seem to make us feel better. When it comes to our kids, dressing them in a particular style is adorable, if you ask us. And considering we could also use an upbeat boost of joy, we are loving the tie-dye trend this summer. 

For those who have always been a fan of bright colors or are just looking to infuse some cheer into their little one's look, tie-dye is just what little outfits need this year. We're huge fans of adding color, and tie-dye is the definition of a colorful yet laid-back look. Adding some staples to a child's wardrobe just makes everyone around them feel happier – it's the bright colors and we can't help but feel better with yellows, oranges, and reds.

We've rounded up 15 adorable tie dye outfits that are perfect for tiny hipsters who love to wear all the colors of the rainbow.

  • Handmade Onesie

    Tie Dye Onesie

    There is something special about a bright onesie, and this one brings all the colors of the rainbow. It's adorable and it's hard to not smile at the thought of a brand-new baby wearing this. A little hipster covered in rainbow sparkle. It's cute and could be paired with literally any pant or skirt.

    Tie-dye Baby Onesie Spiral Handmade ($12, Etsy)

  • Tie-dye Headbands

    Tie Dye headbands

    Little babies in hair bands is adorable; add a giant bow and tie-dye, and it's hard to turn away from the cuteness that is this baby item. It doesn't matter if it's placed on the head of a baby with a full head of hair or one who is as bald as could be -- the bow will steal the show and look perfect on any head.

    Cotton Head wrap, Bow Headband ($7.95, Etsy)

  • Newborn Gown Set

    Tie Dye sleeper

    Imagine being cuddled up to a sweet little baby wearing this outfit. The subtle blue tie-dye with a matching sleeper and a little hat is almost too much to handle. The soft cotton is perfect for a new baby who likes to feel snug, and it makes a great cuddle outfit for bedtime.

    Baby Blue Tie-dye Newborn Baby Gown Set ($12, Etsy)

  • Bummie Set

    Bummy set

    It's really hard to not find matching kid outfits adorable, and this little bummie set with a matching headband and shorts is exactly what we need to make us swoon. The added tie-dye makes this perfect for the little hipster of the family.

    High Waisted Tie-dye Bummie Short ($10.30, Etsy)

  • Tie-Dye Bright T-Shirt

    Tie Dye shirt

    This sweet little hipster tie-dye shirt has all the traditional colors that we think of when we hear tie-dye. The bright reds and yellows match the darker blues, and this shirt is perfect for any gender. Match with a pair of jeans, and it's officially hipster status.

    Vertical Striped Lapneck Tie-Dye ($12.94, Walmart)

  • Woodstock onesie

    Tie Die Woodstock Shirt

    What goes better with a little hipster than some tie-dye clothes that give a nod to Woodstock, one of the most memorable outdoor concerts ever" This onesie would be so adorable paired with little sandals and a cute sunhat.

    Liquid Blue Woodstock Banded Sleeve ($19.30, Amazon)

  • Tie-dye Floral Sundress

    Mermaid sundress

    Just image a sweet little girl wearing this adorable tie-dye mermaid print floral sundress -- it's so cute! This sundress is perfect for the hot summer and lounging by the pool or at the beach. The matching headband takes the adorableness to the next level.

    Floral Jumpsuit Infant Romper Toddler ($12.99, Etsy)

  • Orange Sun Beach Onesie

    Tie Dye onesie

    Talk about hot summer beach vibes. A little boy or girl can rock their hipster's heart out with the bright orange and yellow spots that look just like the sun. It's a onesie so it can be worn on its own or rocked with a pair of denim jean shorts or short overalls.

    Tie-dye Original Pink Orange Sun Beach ($15, Etsy)

  • Grateful Dead Onesie

    Grateful Dead Onesie

    Being a true hipster means rocking out to old-school hipster music such as the Grateful Dead. Although this isn't likely official band merch, the little onesie is a great gift to give to a tiny hipster or their parents and would make for a sweet shower gift.

    Grateful Dead American Music Hall Onesie ($19, Amazon)

  • Lacy Layette Set

    Tie-dye ojs

    The rainbow kind of day, indeed. How adorable are these little tie-dye pants with the sweet ruffles? This is a great pajama set that will allow any little girl to sleep soundly knowing not only is she as comfortable as could be, but she looks great doing it.

    Girl Tie-dye Lace Layette Set ($14.99, Walmart)

  • Tie-Dye Socks

    Tie Dye socks

    Who knew little socks with tie-dye existed? This adorable sock set from Etsy takes boring white tube socks for little toddlers and gives them a cute element of adorable with the tie-dye colors. This is a subtle way to bring the hipster to their wardrobe.

    Nike Pink & Purple Socks ($27.42, Etsy)

  • Casual Rainbow Tie-dye Dress

    Tie-Dye dress

    Obsessed is the only way to describe this dress because of the bright colors of reds, purples, and yellow paired with the sweet shoulder ruffles. This is the best dress for the summer. Add little sandals and a sweet straw hat, and the little girl is peak hipster.

    Rainbow Lightweight Breathable Tie-dye Stripped Dress ($7.99, Amazon)

  • Guitar Tie-Dye

    Tie Dye guitar shirt

    If there are some strong ties to music within the family, this adorable one piece tie-dye features a guitar right in the middle. That means the tiny hipster music vibes shine through. This can be given to a little girl or boy and they'll rock it.

    Tie-dye Baby One Piece ($19, Etsy)

  • Happy Pants

    Tie Dye pants

    OK, happy pants is a sweet a name on its own, and these are bound to brighten anyone's mood. The bright leggings can be worn with a white T-shirt, and a denim jacket will take the sweet hipster vibe to the next level, making this an outfit to remember.

    Happy Pants Tie-dye Leggings ($23, Etsy)

  • Navy and Red

    Tie Dye oneise

    If finding something a little more subdued is what a parent is after, this onesie isn’t as bright as the others with the dark blue on one side and the bright pops of color on the other. It would make a sweet gift for new parents and their hipster little one.

    Cute Tie-dyed Baby Onesie ($19, Etsy)

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