20 Tips for Trimming Kids' Hair at Home

Chloe Wilt | May 27, 2020 Beauty & Style
20 Tips for Trimming Kids' Hair at Home
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How to cut kid's hair at home.

We're all stuck in isolation, so haircuts haven't exactly been the biggest priority. Now as we near our third month of shelter-in-place, a trim has become a necessity. While many salons are still shuttered, moms are taking matters into their own hands. Trimming or cutting kids' hair can be a daunting task, but there are ways to make it easier. Maybe leave a major chop to the professionals, but moms should definitely be able to give their kids a touch-up. There are tons of videos on YouTube to help out visual learners. There are also plenty of tips and tricks for making this chore as painless as possible

There's tons of tutorials, tips, and tricks out there to help all parents cut their own kids' hair. Even when not in the middle of a global crisis, it's a good skill to have. Giving kids a trim in between haircuts is a way to save some money and keep kids looking fresh. While everyone has their favorite salon or hairdresser, mom and dad could become the perfect replacement. Kids can be finicky when it comes to a trim, and who can blame them? It's probably frightening as a child to have a buzzing clipper or sharp shears near the face. Parents can become anxious when it comes to cutting hair, too, for fear of snipping their little ones. There are plenty of ways to keep kids calm while getting a trim, and it can even be fun for parents, too. It doesn't take a super crafty or skilled parent to make a quick cut, but it does take practice. Here are 20 tips for cutting kids' hair to get parents started. 

  • Watch Tons of Videos


    There are so many tutorials out there to help out parents who aren't skilled in hair cutting. Make sure to find a video that matches the kids' hair type and style. Having a visual example to go off of will be extremely helpful to new learners. Professional stylists, including those at Toni & Guy, have even crafted videos to help out parents for this reason.