Insecure SIL Tries to Make Husband's Sister Dye Her Hair a Different Color Because They 'Match'


blue hair

There likely isn't a person in the would at some point or another who hasn't dealt with insecurity. Whether it was their own or the insecurities of others, dealing with it can be everything from disheartening to downright annoying. One young woman is definitely dealing with the latter of that spectrum, when her sister-in-law threw a fit over her hair color.

  • The 19-year-old woman starts off by explaining that she and her SIL never really got along. 

    "She feels like everyone is out to get her, and always makes herself out to be the victim in every situation. She’s annoying, and quite frankly, we don't get along," she confessed.

    But nevertheless, sometimes family is family, and you have to tolerate their significant others.

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  • The problem "began" when earlier in the year, when the young woman dyed her hair a dark blue. 

    "I just saw my brother for the first time in about a year, and he had SIL with him," she explained. "Her hair was bright blue. My brother and I chatted for a bit, and then I left. I later get a call from my SIL. She tells me she wants me to dye my hair a different color. I ask her why, she said she doesn’t want people to think she copied me since she dyed it blue this month. I told her I wasn’t going to dye my hair just to make her feel better, and I hung up."

  • The blue hair drama escalated from there pretty quickly. 

    "My brother called me earlier and asked me what I said to SIL, because she was crying in the bathroom and refusing to come out. I told him what she said to me, he told me she said something completely different."

    And yet, the matter still wasn't settled. 

    "SIL called me again later and told me I was a huge [expletive] for 'crying to my brother' about it, and that I should've just dyed my hair," the young woman claimed. "I told her to get over herself, and dye her own hair if she was really that worried about it."

  • Then, the SIL pulled the mom in on the drama ... 

    "Apparently she called my mother, who happens to be her favorite person to talk to, and told her about it," the woman explained. "My mother's taking her side in this ridiculous [expletive], and tells me I should just dye my hair to keep the peace with SIL." 

    So now she wants to know: Is she wrong for not caving to her SIL's wild demands?

  • Fellow Redditors were seething for this young woman. 

    "I've lived in this situation and I am sick of people thinking that the reasonable person should be punished to 'keep the peace,'" commiserated one user. "It doesn't keep the peace, it just tells that person it's ok to abuse you and turn people you love against you by crying and manipulating."

    The person continued, "This kind of activity was a huge factor in my last breakup because a roommate did this exact kind of thing to my fiancee and his whole family. My relationship with them is now severely damaged. I have known the family for 15 years and she's only been around for a couple years."

  • Another person just put it out there that this was way too manipulative of her.

    "You dyed [yours] first and she decided to dye [hers] at a later point. You shouldn't have to change it for her," the person commented. "Just because she may be new to the family doesn’t mean she should manipulate the family to make herself more comfortable."